Building the future: positive results for the FAMHP during BEMA improvement exercise

The FAMHP participated in the improvement exercise ‘Benchmarking of European Medicines Agencies’ (BEMA) in 2023. This improvement exercise gives the agency an opportunity to evaluate performance and then further optimise it. The FAMHP successfully completed the exercise and achieved positive results; also, the average score per area increased compared to the previous edition in 2016. […]

How the ‘Meet the Expert’ project encourages collaboration within the FAMHP

Training and continuous development are crucial within the FAMHP. In a world that is constantly evolving both technologically and innovatively, it goes without saying that we cannot be left behind. The Personnel and Organisation (P&O) division therefore launched the ‘Meet the expert’ project in which employees are given the opportunity to follow colleagues for one […]

Hugues Malonne: looking back on his first months as Chief Executive Officer

In September 2023, Hugues Malonne took over as head of the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products. Having previously held the position of Director General of DG POST authorisation and then DG PRE authorisation, Hugues was well aware of the amount of work that lay ahead. This annual report is an opportunity to find […]

Out with paper narcotic drugs order forms, welcome

In Belgium, any delivery or receipt of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances must be registered with the FAMHP. This used to be done using paper narcotic drugs order forms. Since September 2023, Narcoreg has been put in place, an online application that digitalises the entire process with time savings for pharmacists, suppliers and the FAMHP. […]

From meticulous analyses to concrete actions: how the FAMHP is addressing medicine shortages

Unavailability of medicines is a problem that affects many patients every year. This issue is therefore high on the agenda both at the national and international/European levels.. In recent years, the FAMHP has invested in a multifaceted approach to unavailable medicines with both practical actions on the ground and legislative initiatives. At the FAMHP, every […]