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Duurzaam samenwerking in ons nieuwe gebouw

Sustainable collaboration in our new building

Interview Karen Wyns

“All the materials we have chosen for our new building are reusable. We want to work together on public health in a sustainable and healthy environment”


The COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination centres

Interview Ethel Mertens, Margriet Gabriels en Nele Matthijs

“We have always been careful to ensure that the vaccination campaign could be conducted in a qualitative way. That was our biggest concern. We have been pragmatic, yet the quality always had to be 100 %”


Cooperating with our international partners

Interview Charles Denonne

“The cooperation between European competent authorities is essential to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines and health products”

Complaints management at the FAMHP

Interview Christelle Beeckmans

“The FAMHP can be proud of the fact that we receive very few complaints”

New European legislation on clinical trials

Interview Anne Lenaers

“The pilot project on the new regulation for clinical trials has strengthened Belgium's reputation as an expert for clinical trials”

Onze communicatie via digitale beeldschermen

Our communication via digital display screens

Interview Robert Roman and Michel Rauw

“We have put together an efficient team to offer high-quality and professional communication in the Galilee building via our digital display screens”

The complex field of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics

Interview Alexandre Jauniaux, Katrien Martens, Steve Eglem, Christophe Driesmans en Valérie Nys

“It is important to know that the field of medical devices is very broad: there are more than two million medical devices on the market”

Improving the market for medicines for veterinary use

Interview Dries Minne

“The market for medicines for veterinary use is evolving rapidly and is very different from the market for medicines for human use, so it was urgent to review the legislation. The new legislation encourages innovation so that more new products come onto market and the availability of medicines for veterinary use increases”

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