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Dear readers,

The health situation meant that 2020 was a year full of unprecedented challenges for the FAMHP as it has elsewhere. The COVID-19 health crisis was prioritised at all levels. The FAMHP had to take on roles that were not previously its responsibility … without losing sight of other urgent matters. This has inevitably had an impact on our way of working, the budget and personnel management. Our services have had to reorganise in response to the emergency with one goal in mind: do everything possible to save lives.

An exceptional year requires an exceptional annual report. We have decided to devote a chapter, admittedly extensive but far from exhaustive, to COVID-19-related work. It is presented in the form of interviews with employees who were directly involved in managing the crisis. We were particularly keen to develop this area of COVID-19, even though it represented a lot of additional work, which explains the delay in the publication of this annual report. This is an opportunity for us to honour the work of the FAMHP and its external partners, as well as to highlight the individual efforts of each of the agency’s staff during this long and difficult crisis. These interviews are accompanied by a timeline, which traces the work carried out by the agency over the months.

As usual and in full transparency, this new annual report also contains the 2020 figures and results for our key services and activities. But there are also many new features, upward and downward trends and special points of interest that we would like to highlight for each service.

Reading these achievements, I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you, FAMHP staff and external partners, for your investment in the agency’s activities. In this exhausting year, 2020, each of us is more committed than ever to serving our fellow citizens, sometimes at the expense of our personal lives. Only together have we been able to achieve these results, and only together are we ready to take on new challenges. I therefore have no doubt that our constructive and fruitful cooperation will continue in the years to come.

Enjoy your reading.

Xavier De Cuyper
Chief Executive Officer FAMHP

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