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Annual Report 2019

A word from our Chief Executive Officer

Dear reader,

As is customary and in full transparency, you can find the 2019 figures and results for all our services and activities in this new annual report. It comes with countless innovations, increasing and decreasing trends and special points of interest that we would like to clarify for each service. You are receiving this report later than usual, the COVID-19 health crisis has been prioritised at all levels.

2019, a full year of ongoing affairs with an impact on the budget and personnel management that should not be underestimated. The year in which we clearly felt the impact of the announced Brexit. The agency itself was altered, with the Human Body Material Unit at the DG POST authorisation and the Human Body Material Entity at the DG Inspection.

My mandate as Chief Executive Officer was extended in early May 2019. For me, this meant that in the coming years I will do everything in my power to achieve the ambitious objectives in our new strategic plan for 2019-2021, without losing sight of the Redesign of the healthcare administrations. One of the first concrete steps will be our move, together with the colleagues from the FPS Public Health and the NIHDI, to the building on the Avenue Galilée in Brussels.

But now for the most important thing. My sincere thanks to all of you, FAMHP staff and all external partners, for your investment in the agency’s activities and this at the service of our fellow citizens. Only together have we been able to achieve these results and only together are we ready for new challenges. Therefore, I have no doubt that our constructive and fruitful cooperation will continue in the years to come.

Enjoy your reading.

Xavier De Cuyper
Chief Executive Officer

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